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Georgia Contracted Provider for the Department of Human Services

Stepping Stones Therapeutic Solutions of Georgia is a contracted provider for the Georgia Department of Human Services. We are a social service organization, an ideal destination for social workers, and a support for individuals and families of the Department of Family and Children Services.

Services Offered

Stepping Stones Therapeutic Solutions of Georgia is fully equipped with therapists, behavioral aides, transporters, and drug screening technicians located in your area! We have a solid team with a wealth of experience who are ready to collaborate with you to make a difference in your community and our society. We help individuals and families restore their sense of well-being, employ motivational techniques to improve lives, and work toward self-fulfillment. Stepping Stones Therapeutic Solutions of Georgia provides various services for many counties across the state of Georgia.

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    Drug Screening Services


Helping You Reach Your Potential

At Stepping Stones Therapeutic Solutions of Georgia, we believe that a successful therapeutic service can be of immense value for helping everyone. Therapeutic service helps individuals improve relationships, assist individuals with recovering from addictions, boost social skills, and gain insightful perspectives.

Our partners strive to help children and families reach their maximum potential by providing quality therapeutic services in their school and home environment.

We put our clients at the center of what we do. We work together to enhance our clients' highest level of self-actualization and nurture overall well-being.